Review paper published in ACS Sensors

Single-Molecule Plasmon Sensing: Current Status and Future Prospects Adam B. Taylor and Peter Zijlstra ACS Sensors 2(8), 1103-1122 (2017)   Single-molecule detection has long relied on fluorescent labeling with high quantum-yield fluorophores. Plasmon-enhanced detection circumvents the need for labeling by allowing direct optical detection of weakly emitting and completely nonfluorescent species. This review focuses on […]

Research paper published in Langmuir

Tip-Specific Functionalization of Gold Nanorods for Plasmonic Biosensing: Effect of Linker Chain Length Pedro M. R. Paulo, Peter Zijlstra, Michel Orrit, Emilio Garcia-Fernandez, Tamara C. S. Pace, Ana S. Viana, and Sílvia M. B. Costa Langmuir, 2017, 33 (26), pp 6503–6510 Gold nanorods are promising platforms for label-free biosensing. We have functionalized gold nanorods with biotin thiol linkers of increasing chain length and evaluated […]